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Now available. Mario: Coming of Age

Mario is a bildungsroman, a young adult coming of age story. Mario Luna is a young man growing up in the East Los Angeles of the sixties. He lives with his aunt across from Hollenbeck Park, but this is not your run-of-the mill story. His aunt once stole a million dollars; his best friend is a murderer; his best girl is a hooker; and as for Mario, he leads an interesting life.

This is the journey of a young man of dubious opportunity and unlimited potential. He wrestles with the same issues as many young people today—how to get pocket money; how to cover up when things at home aren’t exactly what society would like; how to make it through the day/week/month without getting sucked into a gang or killed. The deck might be stacked against him, but Mario doesn’t know it.

Available in hardback and softcover and ebook.
Audiobook edition Coming Soon
Hardback edition: 978-0-9965927-3-4 Now Available
Paperback edition: 978-0-9965927-5-8 Now Available
Ebook Edition: 978-0-9965927-4-1 Now Available