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Woman in Jeopardy

wojsnapNow available. Woman in Jeopardy

“Woman in jeopardy” (i.e. wojep) is an action/adventure sub-genre that focuses on a woman put into peril by a crime, and her struggles to overcome or outwit the perpetrator. CasaHatcherPress has a prime example of the genre, a great story by author George Hatcher, available in hardback, soon to be available in ebook and paperback, at bookstores everywhere. Here’s the back cover:

Nogales was a small, sleepy town split by the border. Sonora and Arizona, side by side, surrounded by desert, with not much to recommend it but the people. A little mining, a little manufacturing, a few sales to the tourists, a couple of pesos or dollars handed over to a few nearsighted border officials, a little drinking on Saturday night, a little prayer and confession on Sunday morning—it was not a bad life, as long as the residents managed to steer clear of the Sanchez family.

Not quite a gang, not quite a mob, not quite an old crillo family, the Sanchez hacendado was happy as long as the liquor sales were good, the bordellos were flourishing, and he made a few pennies of every dollar that exchanged hands. The only problem was that pesky midwife Maria and her two very interesting daughters.


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