Book Cover of "George Hatcher's Billion Dollar Rainmaker, Part 1"
George Hatcher’s Billion Dollar Rainmaker, Part 1


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The son of a Syrian merchant and a Mexican nurse, George Hatcher left Douglas, Arizona with his mother, and began a new life in East Los Angeles when he was ten years old. As a young boy, he learned how to fit in, a lesson that helped him countless times when he had to start over and reinvent himself.

Whether his companions were lawyers, gamblers, gang members, hookers, or politicians, that gift of fitting in is a serious survivor skill.

But George is never content to simply survive. He always wants more. As he grows, he develops a vision for his life. Everything must be bigger, brighter, shinier, glossier. This is one boy’s treacherous uphill path to an ambitious life, one step at a time.

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Like the lost Angelinos who sprang to life in his imagination, George Hatcher grew out of the competitive barrios or East Los Angeles and lived at least two lifetimes before his twentieth birthday.

As a fresh ten-year old bilingual boy fresh off the bus in Los Angeles, he introduces his Spanish-speaking mother to the man who will become his stepfather. He chases business and girls and falls so passionately in love that he marries three times in his first two decades. He lives by one truth: he doesn’t settle.

Thanks to the adventurous heart of a gambler, a gift of gab, and an uncanny ability to reinvent himself time and time again, Hatcher climbs the ladder with dubious success, falling back time and time again, but always fighting his way onward and upward.

Part one of Billion Dollar Rainmaker is a fascinating memoir of a boy finding his way through the first half of the sixties. Parts two and three are in development.

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“I’m a guy with a ninth-grade education and decades of unique experience. I’ve survived good times. I’ve survived bad times. I have been writing a lot of fiction, but I have plenty of stories from my own life that need telling, too. There’s that joke about the guy who bangs himself on the head just for the pleasure of how good it feels to stop Like that guy, I’ve made some mistakes in my life, some of them more than once. Maybe someone will learn from my mistakes. I certainly have. But then, I am fighting new battles every day, and every day, learning something new. Life is such an adventure.”

George Hatcher is an entrepreneur, consultant, strategist, and rainmaker consulted for years by lawyers for his experience in client maintenance and client development of wrongful death and serious personal injury cases.

While curtailing the world traveling for the time being, he finds that writing is still his escape and adventure. Stuck at home during the pandemic, he writes at night.



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  • Language ‏ : ‎ English
  • Hardcover ‏ : ‎ 876 pages
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Book Cover of "George Hatcher's Billion Dollar Rainmaker, Part 1"
George Hatcher’s Billion Dollar Rainmaker, Part 1