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“Woman in jeopardy” (i.e. wojep) is an action/adventure sub-genre that focuses on a woman put into peril by a crime, and her struggles to overcome or outwit the perpetrator. CasaHatcherPress has a prime example of the genre, a great story by author George Hatcher, available in hardback, soon to be available in ebook and paperback, at bookstores everywhere. Here’s the back cover:

Nogales was a small, sleepy town split by the border. Sonora and Arizona, side by side, surrounded by desert, with not much to recommend it but the people. A little mining, a little manufacturing, a few sales to the tourists, a couple of pesos or dollars handed over to a few nearsighted border officials, a little drinking on Saturday night, a little prayer and confession on Sunday morning—it was not a bad life, as long as the residents managed to steer clear of the Sanchez family.

Running an organization that is not quite a gang, not quite a mob, not quite an old crillo family, the Sanchez hacendado is happy as long as the liquor sales are good, the bordellos are flourishing, and he makes a few pennies of every dollar that exchanges hands. The only problem is that pesky midwife Maria and her two very interesting daughters.



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Because she finally said no

I picked this up thinking it was going to be your run of the mill mystery with a detective sleuthing out who did what. But this is not a whodunit.
This is a story told not from the perspective of the clueless detective, but rather of a victim who decides not to be a victim any more.

The book presents a small time gang boss and the town under his thumb, set just after WWII. So here is the question the book poses for the reader-Will Carmen get away? On top of becoming a murderer herself, she has a million and one reasons to run. An unexpected book, that takes surprising turns. It is The Godfather meets Sarah Connor (from the Terminator.) It’s all about a guy who won’t take no for an answer. And the woman who has had enough. It is a great read. Kept me riveted from beginning to end.



Hatcher is a gifted writer and this is clearly obvious in his book, “Woman In Jeopardy.” The author plot moves with a smooth pace while pouring on enough suspense to keep the reader turning the pages to find out what happens next. The dialogue is realistic, and the diabolical mindset of Francisco, the key player, and Carmen, the underdog were vividly portrayed with Hatcher’s ability to create sympathetic characters that raises this novel to the next level. Although not all of the personalities are given equal treatment or enough stage time to become fully developed, those that are such as Elena, Manuela, Milton and his sister Delores, prove that the author has the skills necessary to craft a story with protagonists the audience can like, hate and relate to. In addition, Hatcher obvious yet never heavy-handed messages about the strength of Carmen’s love for her sister, that she sacrificed herself to protect her, and in the end, did what was necessary to revenge her death, without a second thought, give the novel added depth. Overall, it is a book that grips you and doesn’t let go until the last page has been turned.


Suspenseful and Empowering

Hatcher really knows what he’s talking about, and has obviously done his research into what Mexico, and the American states near the Mexican border, were like in the 1920’s. The way he masterfully describes the setting, the characters, the sounds and the foods – it feels like I’m there. His descriptions are strong, especially for the female characters like Carmen and Elena. His writing style in phenomenal – to say the least.

The main story is that Carmen, a woman with a baby whose name is Mario (hence the title? I suspect that the story might morph into his considering there are sequels) after mob boss Francisco kills her family member. Did I mention that Carmen also has the mob boss’s money with her as well? That aspect, along with her tugging a baby along, really had to the tension and suspense of this great novel.

As a woman reading this book, I felt empowered. Carmen really is a horrible situation, a situation if she didn’t live in Mexico in 1926, she could have probably gotten out of. But since she is a woman, and options are limited, she really had to struggle to get out of her unfortunate situation. Francisco, the villain, is quite terrifying, and one of the main reasons this novel had me on the edge of my seat.

“Mario 1: Woman in Jeopardy” will keep you hooked from the first page to the very end of the novel. It is packed with adventure, mystery, crime, and history. It’s violent but not too much. This isn’t your typical pulp fiction – this is in a league all of its own.


Grabs you by the throat and won’t let go!

“By the time they find the bodies, I will be far away.” Excerpt From: George Hatcher. “Woman in Jeopardy.” iBooks.

So begins a Who Done It? style of writing that brings back the memory of old pulp fiction of the 1940 -50’s. There is glamor and filth in just enough mixture to keep you turning the pages. The crimes are very graphic, in the style that only books done by secret publishing houses who sold books like these on the Down Low. It all fits for that how this book comes across.
You have a dame, name Carmen who reluctantly plays the heroine, and you learn where she came from to get that way. Like many hispanic women, she is trapped by circumstances beyond her control. Yet she fights to survive and keep her family safe. First it was her younger sister Elena she fought to keep innocent. He sister though is a spitfire of her own, and soon enough makes her preferences for the life she wants clear. So Carmen with no way to control her sister tries to get the new husband (and her former lover) to do right by her.
Woman In Jeopardy takes you back to the 1920’s and on during prohibition and after. The years of and the life of Francisco the main man whom all this circles around her like a bad rogue moon.
Graphic sex and graphic death fill this book but not overly so. Enough to keep you on the edge of your seat and to exhaustion by the time you are finished. Worthy of the pulp price that it is for digital download.

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