Now available. Mario 4: Free Fall

First Mario conquered the ambulance chasing world of Los Angeles. Now he’s got friends in Europe, and he’s casting his eye on aviation.

Follow Mario on his world tour, where he runs into some shady characters who try to take him down in Venezuela.

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Gabrina Garza says:

One hell of a sexy adventure!

Format: Hardcover
Wow! Author George Hatcher has written a sexy, page turning global adventure staring twenty-something Mario Luna, a hot, successful “ambulance chaser” who has a voracious appetite for the ladies that would rival the sexual escapades of Hugh Hefner. Mario jets worldwide picking up cases where planes have crashed, He and “his girls”–a team of gorgeous, hard-working ladies who aim to please both in and out of the bedroom–work on signing victims’ families. Along the way, Mario gets a little more than he bargains for when he’s abducted in South America. What follows is a very complex story with a cast of interesting supporting characters who mesh well with Mario and his fast-paced, never satisfied lifestyle. I won’t give away the details, but Free Fall is filled with twists, turns and steamy encounters throughout. The unexpected ending left me wanting more. You can tell Mr. Hatcher has an eye for detail and his words make the reader feel like they’re in the story whether it’s a fancy jet or the sweltering jungle in Venezuela. Really hoping there is a book 5 so we can see what’s in store for Mario Luna.

NanLou4 says:

If you love to travel

December 31, 2017
Format: Kindle Edition
Book 4 in the Mario (Ambulance Chaser) is the new book in the series, titled Free Fall. This book takes you through the free-falling and wild 1970’s When Mario has hit his mid 20’s and all the post-Vietnam, post-war protest and now joyful living and European getaways. The book is very spot on with the time and very adult with the sex. If you love to travel, sex, food and descriptive detail, this is the book for you.
Mario is a bit older now, but still the boy from the Barrio. He has become a successful businessman, but after being almost killed in book 3, he decided to take a change from being an Ambulance Chaser to instead, Aviation Chaser which takes him and his team of gorgeous women around the world. Along the way, he meets Sami and Jason who grew up very differently than he did, and yet their taste for the good life matches his and he becomes friends and more with them.
Along the way, trouble as always seems to find Mario and he learns who his true friends are and who the enemy. You will find this book a great romp through the 70’s and through Europe with all the dear friends from books 1 -3 making main and cameo showings. Do not miss the latest in the series.

Kindle reader says:

Mario Luna: Kidnapped!

December 30, 2017
Format: Kindle
Mario Luna is an ambulance chaser. I’ve followed him in all of his books (1-3) watching when he was born, his childhood in LA, and how he became an ambulance chaser and a big shot. In Mario four, he survives the guy who tried to kill him in book 3, goes off to Europe, and meets some rich brits who take him under their wing. He also branches off into aviation because of this new association. Jason works for an insurance company, and gives Mario inside information about plane crash decedents, and Mario goes all over the globe with his team to make their cases. But someone tries to kidnap him, and some of his friends are killed off. The pacing of the book is good. Also it is a cliffhanger, so I am waiting for Mario 5 to come out so I can find out about the other shoe.

Jane Smithe says:

Hot stuff!

Love this author!”