Now available! Mario 6: Marked

Ambulance chasing jet-setter Mario Luna is up a creek with nothing to paddle with except his wild imagination. His house has burned down and he is living in a hotel. A plane crash lures him to Texas, but he runs into trouble before he even gets to the LAX airport. He and his feisty crew are still helping families survive disaster, although Jo and Niley have moved to office management. Pixie, Tricia, and Letty are in for some changes now that Mario is romancing Olga Camacho. There’s no denying that Mario likes to live on the wild side.

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Thrills, shills, and plenty of girls.

Mario loves to help other people solve their problems. He does not like however, having people mess with his people or his life. Being an ambulance chaser and a problem solver is what got him the business. Now someone is out to make him, the business. He better figure this out, and fast, or him and an his crew of lovely ladies will be pushing up daisies.

Flying to new heights!

More action driven plot than any of the previous novels in the series elevates the story to new heights. The plot moves at a decent clip and characters are more vibrant than ever before. An intriguing read for sure.