Life moves on after Pepe’s death. Mario finds himself in Milan running Global Aviation Leasing. The wild ride continues as Pepe’s real self is revealed, and Mario meets yet another woman who will change everything. Who is Lola and what secrets is she hiding? Mario still knows nothing of the mysterious business that his fiancee Olga and Camila are into. Gunfire and Molotov cocktails abound in this romp that cruises into the wild and crazy nineties.

Unable to resist a new challenge, Mario takes on the world of big business. Accepting the position offered by his fiancee Olga Camacho and her sister Camila, Mario takes charge of Global Aviation Leasing, and steps into the chasm left by Pepe Camacho’s death. Dark family secrets tar Mario’s memory of Pepe and color the surprising circumstances of his death. As GAL’s CEO, Mario moves to Rome, but the trouble that has followed him is not far behind.

International jet-setter Mario Luna is a man who has everything, but his glam life comes at a cost. He is haunted by an elusive stalker whose identity has stumped the police and the FBI for years. Burning mansions, car chases, international travel, wild sexual adventures and even a hijacking keep the pace hopping. Everything changes after Mario’s rendezvous with a charming stranger who is not who she pretends to be.

What does Olga’s private eye, Mason, have to say about the exotic stranger Mario has brought into the fold? Is she a viper out for blood or the victim of a conspiracy? Will Mario ever find the puppeteer pulling the strings behind all the threats to his life?

George Hatcher’s seventh book is a provocative maze of dark secrets, and the machinations of a wily and duplicitous agent who sniffs out the truth of a killer.


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